Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

I've been a blog slacker. There's been so much to catch up on too and so much that I never want to forget that I'm linking up with Shay and the gang and doing a Friday Favorites! We made sure to work in some Marshall madness as we wrapped up summer the past couple weeks. The summer went quickly- especially July. It was just a blur of working overtime for Mike and I and making sure the girls were still having fun and trying to be intentional about our time with them. During this edition of Friday Favorites I'll highlight our last couple weeks of summer leading up to our biggest change of all...Kindergarten!!!
 Our summer was filled with a couple sports. Early in the summer Kayla asked me to join her coed softball team. I couldn't have said YES quicker. It's been a long time since I stepped onto a field and I was so excited to get back into it. I'll be honest- the day of my first game I was NERVOUS. All those old competitive emotions came back. It took me a little bit to shake off the cobwebs- I sure didn't like that feeling. But after I had a couple games under my belt I was loving it again. I feel pretty at home on a softball field and I don't know if that feeling will ever go away. I'll cheer my girls on no matter what sport they play, but I'll cheer a little louder if they are playing softball :). So once a week I had a double header. The girls came to quite a few games and my heart swelled as I watched Paisley move her little lawn chair right up to the backstop. She would cheer extra loud when she would see me shouting "Go mommy! Go mommy!" It was so special and I never want to forget her little voice cheering me on. The girls loved playing in the dirt and running the bases after the game.
 Tenley tried soccer this year! She doesn't know if she will play again next year, but she had a great first experience. She never complained about the heat or all the running and she had a great time. She isn't overly aggressive- but we know that's just not her personality. After soccer season she said "no more sports mom and dad. I just want to dance." And dancing she will do next month. Sigh. I have to learn how to be a dance mom.
 Towards the end of summer I got a surprise text from this beautiful girl! Brittany and I went to Hesston College together and she's just the sweetest and one of the best friends that I made while at Hesston. She and her family live in Iowa, but her grandparents live in Goshen.. They were coming for a visit at the end of July and wondered if we could get our families together. YES!! So the Davison's came over for a cookout. It was so good for my heart. I thought that going to college with Britt was the best, but watching our kids play together and interact was enough to make me cry. So thankful for this girl and her friendship.
Hesston College 2005
Britt and I this summer

5 kids later!

 School was right around the corner so Mike and I planned a special evening to take Tenley school shopping. It never ceases to amaze me how different the girls act when we are one on one with them. Tenley was completely in her element. She wanted to try on fancy dresses, heels, etc. Once we got her honed in on good school clothes she had so much fun trying them on and talking about what she's looking forward to most about Kindergarten. We chose to eat at Hacienda for dinner that evening and we just enjoyed our time with our big girl so much. While we took her shopping, our little girl got to spend time with a couple of her favorite people!
Paisley loves her GG and Great Grandpa so much. She jumps up onto Great Grandpa's lap and shares his snack and tells him lots of stories. He's a great listener to her elaborate stories! They are buddies and I love seeing all three of them together! We're glad that GG and Great Grandpa aren't going back to Florida this year so we have more time with them! In about a month or so Paisley will be starting preschool two days a week, so we'll take her school shopping too.

Right before school started I got the girls in for MUCH NEEDED hair cuts! I decided that everyone was going short! Tenley went first and got the cutest bob. Paisley went a little shorter and hers is stacked in the back. They both look so grown up with short hair! But oh so cute! Our mornings are MUCH easier with less hair to worry about! In a few months when I think about letting their hair grow out again- remind me of this moment!

I couldn't have ended the summer more proud of this little girl. Paisley has never been very comfortable in the water. Even with floaties on she would have a death grip on me and scream if I even acted like I was going to let her go. We spent most times in a pool walking around with her on my hip trying to get comfortable, but she very rarely let go. On our last night of summer we gook the girls to Aunt Becky's for a final swim and look what happened!
She swam alone!! I was in with her for awhile and I kept letting her go to show her that she wouldn't go under with floaties on. She got a little more comfortable in the shallow end, but then Daddy decided to take matters into his own hands and after supper he picked her up by the floaties and put her in the deep end- alone! I guess she just needed that little push! She was so proud of herself for swimming without anyone helping her! Of course then we couldn't get her to come out of the pool once we were ready to go!
I can't believe I'm even writing about it, much less living it. We have a kindergartener! Summer came and went and left us with an almost six year old who was very ready for her first day of school.
While this is probably boring for you- I don't want to forget what our first day was like. I went in late to work that morning so that I could take her to school that first day. I got up early that morning to make egg casserole so that she would have a hearty breakfast before her first day. When she got up she informed me that she doesn't like egg casserole... oookay. Noted. Ha. So she chose waffles instead. We had breakfast together and while talking about the day she informed me that she changed her mind and wants to pack her lunch on the first day instead of buying. So we quick ran to the kitchen to pack a lunch for her. I informed her that today it was okay- but from now on we would decide the night before and couldn't change our mind. I didn't want to be rushing around every morning. She helped me pack her lunch and she chose a pb&j sandwich, doritos, carrots and grapes with orange juice. I think she was very excited to use her new lunch box! One thing I didn't think about was how Tenley going to kindergarten might effect Paisley. While we were waiting for the doors to open at the school Paisley told me that she needed to tell "my Ten" something. I sat her down and she just grabbed Tenley's hand and held on to it for awhile. It was as if she knew something big was happening and just needed her sister.  Paisley and I walked her to her locker and got her all set and then walked her to her class. Tenley walked right in and didn't look back. I wish I could say that Paisley and I handled it with as much grace as Tenley did- but the second we got back to the car we were both a mess! Paisley said "I'm going to miss my sissy!" and that was all it took for me to start crying. I was very anxious for the day to pass quickly at work so that I could hear all about her day. We're on day three now and she's loving it. She's been so worn out by the end of the day, but I'm sure that will get better. It's been a nice change the last few days to have very easy bedtimes! I pray that she will be clothed with strength and dignity this school year. That she will be filled with kindness and compassion. That she will be a light for Jesus in her school. And I pray for this little one as she misses her sister at the babysitters.
I pray that she will develop her own little personality without her big sister around and that the transiton to preschool for her will be a positive one!

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